Sometimes just one consultation can be sufficient. Other complaints may require several treatments, and I will draw up a treatment plan with you.

The initial consultation

During the first consultation, we will discuss your complaints and how they affect your daily life. I will also look at your life style and your posture. Then I will examine your abdomen and back to determine which energy channels need the most attention. I will use all this information during your treatments.

The treatment

During the treatment I will use pressure with my fingers and hands on the energy channels of your body. This removes blockages and your life energy can flow freely again. When needed I will give you advice about your posture and general life style to support your healing process, and to avoid that your complaints return.

Treatment plan

If more treatments are required, I will draw up a treatment plan with you. During the weeks after a treatment, the treatment will often continue to have an effect. Depending on the effects of the treatment, we'll adjust your treatment plan as needed. 


During the treatments you are lying on a Japanese mat on the floor. The treatments are given while clothed. For that reason, I advise you to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing.