Practical information

The first consultation, including the intake, takes about one and a half hours. We will discuss your request regarding your physical and mental complaints. We’ll also talk about how these complaints influence your life. I will ask you about your lifestyle and I will look at your body posture. Then I will perform a diagnostic examination, which usually starts at your back. This enables me to determine where your body’s disbalance is located and which meridians require the most attention. In many cases, the first consultation will be sufficient, combined with my tips and advice for things to do at home. Sometimes more sessions are needed. In that case we will develop a treatment plan together.

During the consultation you will be lying on a Japanese mat on the floor (or on a treatment table if lying on the floor isn’t an option for you). I will treat you while you’re clothed. Therefore, it will be most comfortable if you wear some loose cotton clothing.

During the treatment I will check the meridians in your body and put pressure on them with my hands. This enables me to feel where your body is resilient or where your energy is blocked. If necessary, I will give you tips about your posture and lifestyle after your treatment. This can help you prevent the complaints from returning. After about four consultations you should be noticing an improvement.

In principle all consultations will be at my practice in Rijswijk. If you’re not physically capable of coming to my practice (for example because you are sick or not mobile), then I will happily come to you.

There is sufficient parking space in front of my practice. You can park for free until 18:00, afterwards parking is paid.

  • The first consultation (including intake) takes about one and a half hours and costs € 90*. Follow-up consultations will take one hour and cost € 75*.
  • Shorter consultations are possible (for example for children), in which case the fee will be lower.
  • Many Dutch health insurances cover shiatsu treatments when you have supplementary insurance. This means you won’t have to cover the costs from your deductible excess.

More information about health insurance coverage can be found on the Zorgwijzer and the Dutch Consumers’ Association website for comparing health insurance fees.

* The treatments are exempt from VAT.

Do you need to cancel a planned consultation? If you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours beforehand, I will not charge you.

Your health is my primary concern. Therefore, I find it important to adhere to all the quality guidelines. That’s how you know that you’re always in good hands with me.

I am affiliated with:

  • RBCZ (umbrella organisation for complimentary healthcare), through which I, as a therapist, fall under the independent disciplinary authority
  • Arbitration committee SCAG, centre for complaint and dispute resolutions (in accordance with the Dutch Wkkgz)

Additionally, I am a member of:

These organisations supervise the quality of schooling, continuing training and peer-to-peer coaching.

My practice is officially recognised by health insurances and the Dutch tax authority.

My practice completely adheres to the requirements of the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) and the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO). The data processing register of my practice complies with the privacy conditions as prescribed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Our appointments are subject to the terms and conditions. If the patient is underaged, I work with a treatment contract.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with my approach and/or treatment, I hope that we can resolve this together. If this is not possible, or if you do not feel comfortable discussing this with me, please visit the website of my professional association for the official complaints procedure.

What others think

“I was suffering from restless legs syndrome: restlessness and cramps in my legs. This made it very hard to sleep. During the treatments, the restlessness initially increased. However… after three or four sessions, the complaints completely disappeared. What a relief!” – Miek

“Due to a brain haemorrhage, I felt out of touch with my body, and on top of that I lost confidence in my body. Rehabilitation exercises didn’t have much effect. Shiatsu enabled me to feel the boundaries of my body again, which helped me to regain confidence in my body. For me, this was the real start of the rehabilitation process.” – Anikó