What is shiatsu

Shiatsu is a manual therapy that enhances the natural healing process of the body. By using fingers and hands to put pressure on the body, blockades disappear and your life energy can flow freely. This way shiatsu recovers and strengthens the natural resilience of your body and enables you to relax deeply.

Shiatsu originates in the classical eastern medicine and uses rituals, knowledge and insights that are thousands of years old. Just like other forms of eastern medicine, shiatsu is based on a holistic vision: body and mind are approached as one entity. This means that the focus is not on treating the pain directly. Rather, it focuses on finding the cause of the disbalance and treating that.

I practice Iokai shiatsu. This form of shiatsu is characterised by sincere attention and empathic touch. I make contact with you as a person and with your body; I feel how you react and act accordingly. This way I do exactly what you need to feel better.

What does it do?

In your daily life there are always things that can take your energy level out of balance. For example, because you sleep too little, or eat less healthy than usual. Are you healthy and able to relax? Then your body often recovers itself. Shiatsu can help you find that relaxation and thereby support the self-healing ability of your body.

Strengthen your balance Do you want to prevent physical and mental issues? Shiatsu offers support by strengthening your balance.

Restore your balance Did illness, stress or hormonal fluctuations distort your energy balance? Shiatsu helps you restore your balance. It enhances your vitality, relieves fatigue and stimulates the natural self-healing ability of your body.

Relieve pain When in pain, physical discomfort or sleeplessness, shiatsu can tackle the cause and relieve the complaints.

Offer support In case of serious illnesses, shiatsu mainly works in a supporting manner. It relieves pain, offers relaxation and improves your overall wellbeing.

Is shiatsu something for me?

Regardless if you are young or old, healthy or ill; shiatsu is for everyone. Shiatsu helps you to stay healthy and in balance and to make or retain the connection with your body.

Have you got specific symptoms? Shiatsu can offer relief in case of:

  • neck, back and shoulder problems
  • headaches and migraine
  • digestion problems
  • fatigue
  • hormonal imbalance
  • pregnancy problems
  • sleeping problems
  • emotional problems
  • stress and burnout
  • chronic diseases
  • side effects of regular medicine treatments
  • (sports) injuries
  • recovery after Covid-19/Corona

Shiatsu can also be valuable and comforting in the latter phases of life.

Disclaimer: Shiatsu is not a replacement for regular medicine treatments. It is important to first discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Shiatsu can, however, be an addition to your regular medicine treatment.

Shiatsu for children

Shiatsu is also beneficial for children. With babies, infants and small children I work with a soft technique: Shonishin. With this technique I can help, for example, issues related to asthma, recurring ear infections or colds, and digestion, skin, concentration or developmental problems.

Consultations with children are usually shorter than with adults, because their energy system restores quicker.

Shiatsu for companies

A good health policy results in healthier employees. I can support your company to achieve this. I work preventatively or therapeutically if there are symptoms, through chair massages on location, shiatsu and/or do-in yoga (an Eastern form of movement that is based on the same principles as shiatsu). Additionally, I can help with issues related to, for example, RSI and stress. I also give consciousness trainings. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact me for more information.

What others think

“I know that I have to take care of my mind and body, but I simply don’t do it enough. I’m very glad that shiatsu is helping me to do this. Pascale’s consultations really have a positive effect on me. Additionally, she helps me outside of the consultations by giving me exercises and nutrition advice. This makes me feel healthier, revitalised and at ease.” – Gemma

“I’d had pain in my shoulder and back for quite a while. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs weren’t sufficient and I didn’t want to start taking injections. I decided to try shiatsu. Already after a few consultations I noticed a difference. Currently I’ve been pain-free for over a year. The relaxation that shiatsu offers me makes me feel so good that I still go on a monthly basis.” – Piet