Woman and health

In my practice I’ve experienced that a distorted energy balance in women is often related to hormonal fluctuations, mainly due to menstruation, pregnancy or the menopause. Generally speaking, you can rely on the self-healing capacity of your body. If the hormonal fluctuations or changes cause pain, shiatsu can help you recover your balance. The past few years I’ve specialised in the hormonal health of women. Based on my knowledge and experience I will give you a customised treatment, whatever issues you as a woman are experiencing.

Menstruation issues

Are you experiencing headaches or severe loss of blood during menstruation? Do you experience having a short temper every month? Are you feeling fatigued and sluggish after every menstruation? Shiatsu can help reduce, or even eliminate, menstruation issues.


With shiatsu I can guide you to a beautiful and natural childbirth in a safe and relaxing manner. Shiatsu helps create physical and mental calmness. It strengthens the bond between you and your baby. It can also help prevent common issues such as pain, morning nausea, fatigue, pelvic instability, (lower) backpains and oedema. Besides, shiatsu enhances a good position of the baby.

During birth and post-natal

Would you like to be able to fall back on the relaxation and pain relief that shiatsu offers you during childbirth? We can have a few sessions with you and your partner during which you will learn practical techniques and positions that you can apply during delivery.

Shiatsu can also be beneficial after childbirth. In the first few months after becoming a mum, you change significantly, both physically and mentally. Shiatsu expedites your recovery and helps you recover your energy.

Getting pregnant

Are you planning on getting pregnant? By enhancing a healthy hormone system, I can help you create a good basis for a (prosperous) pregnancy.


Hot flushes, sleeplessness, painful joints, mood swings. Shiatsu helps you restore your hormone system and brings you in contact with your changing body. By supporting the changing processes in your body, you will have more energy when you go through the menopause.

What others think

“Around every menstruation I was experiencing hormonal fluctuations. Pascale treated me in a few sessions. After every session I noticed a difference. She also gave me useful tips on how to deal with my issues. The way Pascale creates a safe environment is very pleasant. Even though I am now more in balance, I have a pleasant therapist to return to for an enjoyable and relaxing treatment.” – Stephanie

“The hot flushes of the menopause disrupted my sleep so much that my mood and performance were suffering. I experience Pascale’s treatments as soft and extremely relaxing. I don’t always experience an immediate difference; however, I do know that my hot flushes are basically gone.” – Josien

“At the beginning of my pregnancy I was very tired and often experienced nausea. Additionally, there were some ‘normal’ complaints for which I could use some support. Pascale used a few specific pregnancy techniques on me. In the session with my husband she gave us advice for several positions and exercises for during child labour. Moreover, Pascale paid a lot of attention to non-pregnancy related issues. She has expertise and shows interest, explains what she will be doing and in between checks if it still feels good. I have experienced her sessions as extremely pleasant.” – Katrin

“I benefitted a lot from certain shiatsu points on my feet during delivery. By touching these points, my partner helped me to deal with the contractions better, which was very welcome. Also because of this, the birth became something we did together. The partner session turned out to be a good additional preparation for the delivery.” – Merel